Lemon Pesto Shrimp Linguine

Lemon Pesto Shrimp Linguine

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  • I see a comment someone made on July 24th that the lemon pesto has been pulled. I was just at my Trader Joe’s store August 1st and that is not the case there. They had tons and told me they have not heard anything like that. I’m in NorCal. I bought 4 jars….

    Shar on

  • I made this today.
    It was delicious.
    I think I will add an extra tablespoon of the lemon pesto next time.
    I didn’t use a whole pound of shrimp or a full box of pasta, so it was very moist….which we loved.
    We are lemon lovers and enjoy them a variety of ways.
    Thank you for this wonderful recipe !!!
    This was the first time I’ve had a lemon pasta dish.

    Jeanie Martin on

  • I just bought the sauce from Trader Joe’s on Sat, July 29.

    Tara on

  • I bought it ( lemon pesto )
    yesterday at Trader Joe’s in Fort Worth
    ( 07/26 )

    Jeanie Martin on

  • This was delicious. I added more of everything and also red chili pepper flakes.

    Jayne DuVall on

  • The yellow print is SO difficult to read! please use black or some other color.

    JANA LANE on

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