• Bruschetta Avocado Toast

    Bruschetta Avocado Toast

    Flippin’ Pat is so excited that bruschetta sauce is back on shelves at Trader Joe’s and decided to upgrade classic avocado toast with this new recipe! Flippin’ Pat hopes you try this as a snack or add to your brunch spread and enjoy!
  • Halloumi Pasta with Chicken

    Halloumi Pasta with Chicken

    Golden Hour is loving all things halloumi this summer and is so excited to share this new recipe with you! It's very simple and comes together quickly! The combined flavors of the bruschetta and romesco dip makes this dish a go to pasta dish! Golden Hour hopes you enjoy!
  • Lentil Bruschetta Dip

    Lentil Bruschetta Dip

    A dip as old as time, a Trader Joe's classic, and perhaps the most easiest recipe you'll ever try... it's the lentil bruschetta dip! Pat is so excited to dip Trader Joe's new Rosemary Sfogliette crackers and try not to eat it all in one sitting because it's so good! You can also dip any other crackers or serve with a sliced baguette! Pat hopes you enjoy!
  • Bruschetta Chicken Sausages

    Bruschetta Chicken Sausages

    Grilling season is officially here and Pat is so excited to share this upgraded bruschetta chicken sausage recipe with you! Pat thinks these sausages will level up your BBQ game and make you an instant gourmet chef! The flavor combination is out of this world and Pat hopes you enjoy this recipe all summer long!
  • Bruschetta Chicken

    Bruschetta Chicken

    Pat is excited to share this newest simple and tasty Bruschetta Chicken recipe with you! The balsamic sauce, the melty mozzarella & sweet cherry tomatoes that burst with flavor seal the deal! Perfectly served on its own, with a simple side salad, or with some crusty bread to mop up that tasty sauce! Whatever you do, don’t skip that balsamic drizzle when serving!
  • Bruschetta Chicken Sausage

    Bruschetta Chicken Sausage

    Some may call this a very fancy gourmet hot dog, but Pat calls it delicious either way! If you love Bruschetta, then you have to try this!

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