• Thandai


    Today is Holi, which is a festival and celebrated in Hinduism. Holi is the Indian festival of color celebrating the arrival of Spring. Pat the Spatula is so excited to partake in celebrations with this brand new Thandai recipe! Thandai is a traditional Indian drink and is especially enjoyed during Holi celebrations in India, although it is also enjoyed in warm weather. It is made with dried nuts, seeds, fragrant spices, and saffron. Pat the Spatula wishes you a Happy Holi for those who celebrate!
  • Kanji


    Cheers to kanji for good gut health, improved digestion, weight loss and skin benefits! This Indian fermented beet drink is best enjoyed chilled, and has a distinct aroma and tart taste, so you will either love it or hate it! Sip it and reap the health benefits! All you need is fresh beets, black mustard seeds, salt and red pepper, and a BIG pitcher of water. Pat the Spatula hopes you enjoy!
  • Indian Cream of Wheat (Upma)

    Indian Cream of Wheat (Upma)

    Pat is taking a box of Cream of Wheat (or farina) to the next level by cooking it Indian style! With a few spices, cream of wheat is transformed into a common flavorful Indian breakfast dish called upma. You can make a pot of upma for brunch, along with Indian eggs on toast, fresh fruit, rosemary potatoes, and a stack of pancakes! Pat hopes you enjoy this special dish next time you make breakfast or brunch!
  • Sweet & Spicy Butternut Squash

    Sweet & Spicy Butternut Squash

    Pat loves butternut squash and is so excited to share this new sweet & spicy butternut squash recipe with you! This winter squash cooks into a delicious, healthy and flavorful mash with a just a few simple spices. Serve as yummy side dish, or along with Indian flatbreads such as chapati and enjoy!
  • Cumin Infused Basmati Rice

    Cumin Infused Basmati Rice

    Pat loves an easy side dish and is so excited to share this brand new Cumin Infused Basmati Rice recipe with you! This perfect recipe makes fragrant Basmati rice every time in minutes without a rice cooker! The delicate hint of cumin makes for a favorite everyday rice dish that pairs wonderfully with a variety of Indian dishes! Pat hopes you enjoy!
  • Indian Cabbage and Peas

    Indian Cabbage and Peas

    Pat loves veggies, especially when they're cooked Indian style! This recipe comes together quickly, making this dish perfect as a side for any meal! Sauté the cabbage and peas with 4 spices and your tastebuds will be asking for more! Pat hopes you enjoy!

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