• Elote Steak Salad

    Elote Steak Salad

    Have you tried Trader Joe's new Elote Chopped Salad Kit? Pat the Spatula has and cannot get enough! To change it up, Pat the Spatula added steak with blue cheese crumbles and hopes you try it this way too! If steak isn't your thing, then try adding some grilled chicken! You won't regret it! Pat the Spatula hopes you try this salad soon and enjoy!
  • Chicken Caesar Salad

    Chicken Caesar Salad

    Pat the Spatula loves a good Caesar salad and is so excited to share this new recipe with you! A great shortcut is to use store bought rotisserie chicken, making this salad come together in less than 10 minutes! Don't forget the crispy croutons on top and load up on freshly shaved Parmesan cheese! Pat the Spatula hopes you enjoy!
  • Roasted Tomato & Grains Salad

    Roasted Tomato & Grains Salad

    If you're looking for a quick and easy salad that's perfect for summer, Pat the Spatula has you covered with this Roasted Tomato & Grains Salad! The combination of the grains, heirloom tomatoes and cheesy goodness from the mozzarella makes this salad delicious! Add some grilled chicken and dinner is served! Pat the Spatula hopes you enjoy!
  • BBQ Chicken Salad

    BBQ Chicken Salad

    Chicken nuggets aren't just for kids anymore! Golden Hour has this delicious BBQ chicken salad recipe to share with you that comes together super quick to make lunch or dinner in a pinch! Using Trader Joe's new Organic Chicken Nuggets, everyone will go crazy over this salad! Golden Hour hopes you give this recipe a try and enjoy!
  • Fish Taco Salad

    Fish Taco Salad

    Pat thinks tacos are always a good idea and when tacos turn into salad, it can't get much better than this! This fish taco salad is the perfect blend of delicious flavors, your tastebuds will want you to make this everyday this summer! All ingredients can be found at Trader Joe's, which makes this recipe a must! Pat hopes you add this to your summer menu rotation and enjoy!
  • Gyro Greek Salad

    Gyro Greek Salad

    Pat loves a good salad and this new recipe is bound to hit the spot! There are so many flavors, Pat can hardly keep up, but that's a good thing because this salad is delish! Topped with Trader Joe's gyro slices and vegan creamy dill dressing, this salad is a must! Pat hopes you enjoy!

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