• Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

    Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

    Pat loves anything that can be made in advance for meal prepping and these make ahead breakfast burritos hit the spot! They are perfect for busy weekdays or if you are hosting a holiday breakfast or brunch, they are super easy to serve! The best part is that you can add or remove any ingredients to your liking and all ingredients can be found at Trader Joe's! Pat hopes you enjoy!
  • Holiday Avocado Toast

    Holiday Avocado Toast

    Is it even December if you're not eating holiday avocado toast? Pat is so excited to share this new festive idea that's perfect for any holiday breakfast or brunch! It comes together in under 5 minutes with a flavor combination that will make you want to enjoy this year round!
  • Pecan Pie French Toast

    Pecan Pie French Toast

    Who's ready for Thanksgiving weekend brunch? Golden Hour is and is so excited to share this new Pecan Pie French Toast recipe with you! This recipe is adapted from Baker by Nature and is packed with all of the flavors of Thanksgiving and the holidays! You can use any bread but Golden Hour suggests Challah bread which makes for the best French toast! Golden Hour hopes you enjoy!
  • Soy Chorizo Gravy

    Soy Chorizo Gravy

    Pat has a brand new recipe for you to try at your next breakfast or brunch! This Soy Chorizo Gravy is the perfect addition to any biscuits or eggs! Using Trader Joe's Soyrizo and Cheesy Seasoning Blend, this gravy is bound to be a hit for everyone! Pat hopes you enjoy!
  • Loaded Potatoes Breakfast Tacos

    Loaded Potatoes Breakfast Tacos

    Have you tried Trader Joe's Loaded Potatoes? They're brand new in the freezer section and Flippin' Pat knew immediately these would make great breakfast tacos! Add eggs, hot sauce, cheese, or whatever your heart desires! Flippin' Pat hopes you enjoy!
  • Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

    Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

    Pat loves a quick, easy, and well balanced meal and is so excited to share this new smoked salmon breakfast bowl with you! It comes together in 5 minutes, making a perfect option for those mornings you don't feel like cooking. Pat hopes you give this recipe a try and enjoy!

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